• the house
• the office
• the bars and the        restaurants
• the trade centres
• the hotels
• the hospitals
• the children institutions
• the public institutions
• the accessories for        furniture
• the springs, the blocks        of springs and the        blocks of springs from        the separate springs
• the mattresses
• the other
• the galvanic coats of        the surfaces
• the powder-like and        vacuum coats of the        surfaces

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About us

How we're found

The joint-stock company “METALSERVISS” was established in 1996, after the privatization of the state enterprise, and taking over it's more than fifty years long traditions in metal-working and furniture industry.

The joint-stock company “METALSERVISS” tries to satisfy the requirements and wishes of each customer, client and partner with it's safe, ecologically pure and high quality production. We prefer an individual and elastic approach for everyone, and always take into consideration all the wishes and commentaries.

The joint-stock company “METALSERVISS” performs it's activities reasonably, effectively and friendly, providing the high quality of production, services and trade and maintaining elastic politics of prices. Our quality's management system is approved/admited by LLOYDS REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE and given the following standart ISO 9001 : 2000.

The Certificate №: GBG6000890

For this purpose our enterprise is managing it's work in the following ways :

  • Reducion of the prime cost of the productions and services, by implementing modern equipment and technologies and drawing in highly qualified employees
  • The increasing of the assortment of the production with the aim/purpose to satisfy the needs of various sections of customers
  • We increase the amount of trade in Latvia and abroad
  • We provide stable partnership with other companies on the market within Latvia and abroad
  • Improvement of the conditions of work and social safety of the employees

The company has the powerful basis of production with the unique technologies and highly qualified and trained employees with a wide working experience. All these conditions allow us to maintain the full (closed) production cycle and elasticly react to demands of our clients and partners. The entire area of production is 8000 m2, and the area of warehouses is 850 m2. Production is carried out on the basis of owr own designer projects and designers solutions. We are always able to start the production of new merchandise in a small time span. We are always ready to observe any new suggestions including the possibilities of co-operation.

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A/S Metalserviss
Stopiņu str. 5
Riga, LV-1035
Tel.: (+371)67585482
Fax: (+371)67573891