• the house
• the office
• the bars and the        restaurants
• the trade centres
• the hotels
• the hospitals
• the children institutions
• the public institutions
• the accessories for        furniture
• the springs, the blocks        of springs and the        blocks of springs from        the separate springs
• the mattresses
• the other
• the galvanic coats of        the surfaces
• the powder-like and        vacuum coats of the        surfaces

The pretext of copyright


The production for : the trade centres

We produce metal structures, furniture, various interior objects and additional elements on the basis of our factory. Our production makes the working process much more effective and convinient. Our production satisfy all the demands of ecology, safety and quality. These are tables for the computers, frames, wardrobes, hat-and-coat-stands, work places for the secretaries and dispatchers and other items.


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