• the house
• the office
• the bars and the        restaurants
• the trade centres
• the hotels
• the hospitals
• the children institutions
• the public institutions
• the accessories for        furniture
• the springs, the blocks        of springs and the        blocks of springs from        the separate springs
• the mattresses
• the other
• the galvanic coats of        the surfaces
• the powder-like and        vacuum coats of the        surfaces

The pretext of copyright


The technologies

In the production we use the following technological processes :

  • the production of the equipment, the press forms and the forge of tools;
  • the coating (the atomizing) of surfaces of the different materials in vacuum;
  • the powder-like and mixed depth-durable coats;
  • the galvanic coats;
  • the production of springs and the blocks of springs for the furniture;
  • the casting of plastics and non-ferrous metals under the pressue;
  • the press-forge and welding equipment's.
  • the equipment of the final working process
  • The projecting

    Our constructors and designers put/realize into practice the projects and output according to the demonds of the clients, with effective reaction at the change of styles and the demands of market, trying to make our production maximum functional, modern, safe and available by price. The projecting and output are realized with rely on research of the situation in market and considering the taste of the consumers.

    The development

    Our company always makes an investments into the development and inculcation of new technologies, and the new and good educated specialists are drawn into production as well. In connection with the increase of the amount of orders, we are going along the way of acquirement of the new technologies and equipment, and the optimization and modernization of the technological processes, at the same time providin, both the higher quality of our production and the increase of the amount of production. On the other hand, we don't refuse from the traditional processing methods, we use the knowledze and experience of our specialists. In addition on the base of the manufacture our specialists carry out their own output in the sphere of the newest technologies .

    The supervisor of quality

    The company is certified accordingly to the International Standard ISO-9001:2000

    The Certifikate №: GBG6000890

    For the supervision of the quality we use tested, certified, ecologically clean/pure and safe materials. The quality control of the materials and products is realized into the each stage of production, using different methods of tests.

    The nature protection

    We carefully dispose to the environment and provide the continuous control and purification of the industrial sewage and emission, using the modern purification devices/equipment and the individually worked out system of the control.



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